Project Lifecycle Support

  • Pretender & Tender submission
  • Project Startup
  • Troubleshooting
  • Independent Audits
  • Contract Management

Project outcomes are already pre-determined with the each tender submission of a bid and subsequent award by the client.

The depth of knowledge and experience required to assess and develop such a tender submission cannot be overstated, setting the scene for the project delivery results.

Technically refined and cost-effective solutions, based on realistic planning and pricing, are essential for the ultimate success of complex large-scale projects.

We support our clients in the project startup, while ensuring all the above matters are duly addressed in this most critical phase.

Changes that unquestionably occur on projects are systematically identified and managed through our trouble shooting and independent audit services.

Setting up and managing contracts that define the scope and risk sharing mechanisms between the parties are at the heart of all successful projects.

Contract Management expertise based on decades of experience is provided by our specialists to support clients/PMC’s and/or contractors, always with a view towards a successful project delivery for all stakeholders.