Channel Tunnel – Transmanche Link

High Speed Rail Link between France and England underneath the Channel, connecting the cities of Paris with London.

Year: 1989

Country: United Kingdom

Contract Value (US$): 15,000 Million

The Channel Tunnel connects France with England via a 50km long tunnel (3 tubes) across the English Channel. This landmark project was commenced in 1987 by a Joint Venture of the largest British and French contractors, calling themselves Transmanche Link (TML).

The project required 12 TBM’s to drill the 3 tunnels with its final length of 50km from the UK Terminal to the Calais terminal on the French side. The Channel tunnel was officially opened in May 1994 by HM the Queen. Andreas Tauschinger worked on the UK Croossover Cavern as Senior Engineer during the entirety of its construction.