Project outcomes are often driven by judgements made at tender stage and with the submission of the bid. The depth of knowledge and experience required to arrive at a bid submission that truly reflects the “correct market” price, as well as ensuring delivery robustness, therefore cannot be overstated.

’s veteran professionals will lead and deliver at all levels of these tendering activities, while being fully integrated and working hand in hand with our client’s team.

We will provide expertise for all technical, engineering, organizational and costing elements needed for complex tenders, with our own in-house specialists in each of these areas

Working out the winning strategies for such tenders is generally not straight forward and requires additional skill sets, for which we can add considerable value through the experience and market knowledge of our people

Detailed Contractual Risk Assessments are equally important for every tender and can be prepared by our in-house contractual experts in collaboration with our client’s own advisors, as applicable.

Given the general time constraints on most large tenders, we would recommend to be involved from start to end of this tendering process, with a view to transferring some key tender personnel into the project startup phase, something we elaborate under the heading “Project Start-up” (or Click here)